50+ Homesteading Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are upon us! And now that Thanksgiving has passed, we’re instantly thinking about Christmas. Many times it’s easy for us to buy for people, but what about our homesteading friends and family? I’m here to tell you, it’s pretty easy to buy for them too!
I have a few items of my own on my list this year, and each year I decide to put together a list of items that can help you buy that perfect gift for your homesteading friend, husband or wife, or kids!

So without further ado, lets begin…

How To Use This Guide

This guide is quick and straight forward to use. There are different sections. The first section is For Any Homesteader. These are gifts that just about any homesteader would enjoy. The section after that is For the Herbalist. These are gifts that a budding herbalist would enjoy, but other homesteaders would as well. We’ve made both of these sections FULL SIZE with photos and information, because these are products that we have used or that we are looking to use ourselves.
The sections after that are more compact and include For the Gardener, For the Fermenter, For the Prepper, For the Health Enthusiast, For the Kids, and a Homemade Christmas.
So, let’s get started with our first category…..

For Any Homesteader

When I created the Homesteaders of America organization, I never realized how much support we would receive in such a short amount of time. Here’s your chance to be part of a huge community that will be coming together on October 14, 2017. Meet up with your favorite homestead friends, speakers, youtubers, writers, and more! This is the ultimate homestead gift, if I do say so myself!
I love this woman and her little family AND her little farm. This book is a great farm-to-table cookbook filled with recipes and information that your family will love!


No, I don’t feel bad for putting essential oils in this list. No, it’s not a marketing ploy.
We really have seen miracles happen in our lives because of holistic medicine, and it has saved so many of our animals as well.
You can purchase a starter kit of essential oils (which include all the basics) for $150. This includes your doTERRA membership. Why do I rep for doTERRA? Because they run their business like a homestead. You can read all about that here.
The starter kit comes with 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, dōTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, and dōTERRA On Guard®. It includes Peppermint Beadlets dōTERRA On Guard® Beadlets, and also includes the membership price of $35. It’s just like a Costco membership. No strings attached.
The best part is, if you register with the link below, you get special offers from me all of the time, as well as me being your personal “EO woman with the answers”.
Click here to register  or email me with any questions!
I love my Excalubur Dehydrator, need I say more? Not only that, but I love this company. I had an issue with one of the dehydrators I bought from a store, and this company came behind us and cleaned up the mess, and sent us an incredible dehydrator for free. They are a company of integrity, and want nothing but the best for their customers. I highly encourage you to add this tool to your homestead. It’s an incredible way to preserve food!
Use Code FEWELLHATCH for 10% off!
We recently received a Brinsea incubator to review, and I have to tell you right now, it is the best incubator I have ever used. The chicks hatched like clock work, and I had absolutely zero involvement in having to manually turn or tend to these eggs. The power even went out once, and the incubator remembered what day it was on and what settings I had it on!

Throw out the dangerous heat lamps in your home and opt for a brooder!

It’s the best of the best, and every homesteader should have one. This is on my persona list! Preserve your meats and low acidity veggies with this awesome homestead tool.


The instapot is quickly becoming one of the most popular items of the season. But it’s not something new—in fact, it has been around for a couple of years. The convenience is what sells the product, and rightfully so. Have a frozen roast that you forgot to thaw out? Throw it in th instapot and it will be done in just a couple hours!


Carhartt is my husband’s goto work clothing. It is all he wears to work in. We highly recommend this brand for work shirts, work jeans, boots, accessories, overalls, and more.


We love this gun safe. It is tried and true here. We recently purchased this safe on sale, and we have nothing but good things to say about it. Find a good deal at your local sportsman store, or order online with the link above.
Keeping your livestock safe is a top priority for any homesteader. For those of us who deal with predators on a regular basis, having the peace of mind that there’s an electric fence between our precious animals and wildlife is priceless. Premier One Supplies does a great job at helping ease our homestead minds when it comes to electric netting. And it’s pretty affordable too.
This gift is just cool. Hands down, the coolest gift I could ever receive. This kerosene powdered incubator by Lehman’s  is sure to please any homesteader this Christmas. It holds 50 chicken eggs and even more quail or pheasant eggs.


Urban homesteading is on the rise as people take control of their health and life. Mini Farming is a great book for those trying to be self sufficient on a small homestead.
This is one of my favorite homesteading books. It literally lays it all out for you. It is geared towards having a homestead on an acre, but in all honesty, any homesteader could learn from this book and how to strategically plant and house animals.

It truly is what it says it is. This is the go-to homestead book for living the simple life!


This is something new for me this year, and I wish I had done it from the beginning. These Homestead Management Printables from Reformation Acres are insanely amazing. This package includes 110 PDF printable pages.


• Homestead Yields
• Vegetable Garden Yields
• Seed Starting Calculator (Excel document)
• Plant Growing Summary
• Seed Inventory
• Vegetable Garden Planner Graph Paper
• Homestead & Garden Calendar with Notes
• Yearly Schedule
• This Month at a Glance
• Outdoor To-Do List
• Expense Records for the Garden, Bees, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Beef, Dairy, Layers, Broilers, Rabbits
• Expense Sheets for Ducks, Turkeys, and Cut Flowers
• Incubation Chart
• Monthly Egg Tally Charts with a Year End Chart
• Year End Cost Analysis
• Year End Dairy Production Records
• Pantry Inventory
• Freezer Inventory
• Food Preservation Worksheet
• 2017 Homestead & Garden Calendar (for notes & weather observations)
• 2017 Home Dairy Calendar (for notes & recording production)
• Butchering Records
• Animal Medical Records
• Weekly Planner
• Cut Flower Planner
• Indoor Seed Starting Records
You need this in your life, I’m telling you. You  need it, folks. Forget Christmas, just buy it now. I did!

…because everyone needs one.

We could all learn a lot from Harvey. Harvey Ussery is a Virginia native, and lives not more than 30 miles from me. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting his property and seeing his set ups. We have mimiced his set up on our own homestead when it comes to breeding and self-sufficiency. He is an incredible resource of information, especially when it comes to chickens.
I own an older model of this knife, but not a week goes by when I don’t use it. I have used it for everything—from cutting straw bales, to butchering chickens and rabbits. It is my go-to knife for everything.



I will always always reference people to this book. This book changed the way I raise my chickens when it comes to herbs and preventatives. I highly encourage it for every chicken owner!

For the Herbalist

The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook

If you’re serious about getting into herbalism, this book is the book for you. It is like a college course in one book. Teaching you how to make everything from tinctures and teas, to salves and hot water baths.




I believe every homestead should have a merdicinal herb garden. They are so easy to grow, and so necessary. Here is a great way to get started. Perfect for that gardening or herbalist in your family!




The family herbalist can’t be an herbalist without a Mortar and pestle! Use this in the kitchen to mix up herbs for a fresh meal. Or use it to grind up fresh or dried herbs for a tincture or other herbal remedy.


For the Gardener

1. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom seeds are saveable and necessary for any homestead. These are great gifts!

2. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
SESE is a local Virginia seed company with some pretty incredible seed varities and organic options!
3. Seeds of the Month Club
This is such an awesome option for any gardener. Receive a super neat seed package each month that is specific for your region. Explore new vegetables and options for your homestead.
4. 4 Block Mini Soil Blocker
This is a great option for those who create their own composte and dirt mixes. So convenient.
5. Cedar Raised Garden Beds
If you live in a rocket area or a compromised soil area, raised beds are for you.
Add a totally new deminsion to your composting.


For the Fermenter

4. Homebrew Fermentation Heater
This is totally on my list. Why have I never seen this before!?
6. 1-Gallon Stoneware Pickling Crock Complete Kit by Gardener’s Supply
You  need it. You just need it.



For the Prepper

1. Deluxe 2-person Bug Out Bag
You can find our review of these bug out bags on our YouTube Channel.

Every homestead needs good water storage!

For the Health Enthusiast

1. Silver Fern Brand Products
I absoluetly LOVE Silver Fern Brand products. In fact, I have a review coming up on their products soon. They have great, all natural options for any health entusiast. I especially enjoy their vanilla protein powder and probiotics.

Jump start your gut and get your body healthy! The Whole30 is basically a way to heal your gut and your body. We’ve done this before and didn’t regret it at all. Everyone should consider doing it once!

5. Complete Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training
Using weights can be harsh on your body, when you can get just as good results from using your own body weight to work out. Calisthenics are are great option.

For the Kids

1. Ertl Farm Country Dairy Barn Playset

When I was a kid, I LOVED the Ertl farm sets. Every single Christmas, I got a brand new farm set. And they weren’t cheap back then, folks. My only regret is not keeping them for my own little one. I promise, you won’t regret getting some of these play sets for your kids. They last a lifetime!

2. Beginner’s Microscope Kit

You know, for those chicken poop moments….

5. Farming Simulator 15

Junior has this and he really enjoys it. In the beginning, he just “played” around with it. But now that he’s getting older, he is enjoying the monetary/income part of it as well as it teaches him how to farm and making money farming. There is a PC version, and a game console version as well.

7. Kid’s Carhartt Overalls



Handmade Christmas

When all else fails, buying local, handmade, or make items yourself is always a thoughtful gift to give. Check out some of these stores below to buy local/handmade!
3. Wayland Brook Creations (crochet and more)
We hope you’ll enjoy some of these products this year, and so will the homesteader you buy them for!

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