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The Beginning of Our Rabbit Journey

Raising rabbits on our homestead has been such a joy for me, personally. It is a livestock that can be inexpensively taken care of, and is easily handled, processed and cooked. Not to mention, rabbit meat is making quite the comeback in modern cuisine in the United States and Europe. Rabbit is, in fact, one of the most common meals that…

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The Freedom in Giving Up

It’s those words you never want to say — you’re too ashamed to say them, as if they are words you should never utter. You think it — you scream it in your head when you walk into the living room and your toddler has flour from one couch to the other. You utter it under your breath when your husband…

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{The Real Side of Motherhood} I’m Not “Super-Mom”…

I hear it about once or twice a month. From friends, family, facebook. It’s always that one sentence that is uttered, and while it is said to make me feel wonderful, it also breaks my heart when I hear someone say it, and I’m quick to correct them. It’s a short phrase, but it is a cut to the core…

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What is Faith?

He looked up at me with those ocean deep blue eyes, he knew I was terrified to let him go, but mostly, he was terrified that I wouldn’t let him go. I closed my eyes and let out a big sigh — I could hear my mother in the back of my head, you know we used to let you…

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Preparing Your Rooster’s Comb for Winter

  Did you know that most rooster combs don’t need any special frost bite preventative’s during the Winter months? Contrary to popular belief, most breeds are very well equipped to deal with the cold, however, good husbandry skills are what ensure very little frostbite irritation for your rooster and other large combed chickens. This blog post is about protecting your…

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“Apathy is a dangerous thing to have in your heart….”

My heart change journey began about a year ago. It seems like a lifetime, but honestly, it wasn’t that long ago. I’ve seen the most growth in the past 8 months, and many times I have to remember that just because my heart is changing, it doesn’t mean that others forget the way I treated them before this journey. If…

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“Give it a try…,” whisper’s the heart.

I am dog tired this morning. I am exhausted, my body aches, I have a headache (on top of other womanly issues today), and the cloudy sky is not a friend to my already downtrodden body. I woke up early, made husband his coffee and lunch — drank a quart of coffee myself, it seemed. My eyes are still scratchy…

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{Raising Dairy Goats} From someone who’s never owned them….

A couple of months ago my neighbor brought me some fresh goats milk, and I have been hooked ever since. I could not believe the richness and flavor that was GOOD. I had witnessed people drinking goat’s milk before — you know, that nasty odor-full sour milk. But this was nothing like that. I would soon find out that it…

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All in the name of Love + Humility

  I used to be a hateful person. There, I said it. So when someone posted a rather indirect nasty post on facebook the other day about my blog, I felt that green monster popping back up. But then, the calm came, and the offense left, and my life went on just like it had been, just 3 short minutes…

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Homestead Cooking | {Fresh} Homemade Lemonade

Last week, the backwoods kid and I spent a day at his grandparents farm. As always, everything at grandma and grandad’s is better than what’s at home. And it just so happened that today, it would be lemonade. That child can drink the heck out of some lemonade. So, being on our journey of “all natural” and less processed, I…

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Homestead Cooking | Homemade Strawberry Shortcake {Seasonal}

Let’s just take a moment to wallow in the pity together, shall we? The horrible realization that strawberry season is quickly coming to an end…..oh, the horror!! But with strawberry season ending, that means so many yummy veggies, peaches (one of my fave seasons!), and eventually apple’s (another fave, even better than strawberries and peaches) , are well on their…

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When God is Silent….

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives. Some of us more than others…. That drowning feeling that God doesn’t listen… …that God doesn’t answer prayers. …that God doesn’t care. …that God doesn’t understand my needs, my wants, my heartache. …that if God cared so much about me, He would make me a better person, a…

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Daily Ramblings | A New Creation…an old life….

He’s tugging on my shirt, asking for attention. The phone is ringing off the hook — twenty different directions were facing me the other morning. I wasn’t sure what to tackle first, the five loads of laundry in the hallway or putting the phone down (for the eighteenth time) and getting into the word…something I should do more than I…

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