• “Just Wing It”—My Word for the New Year

    I don't make new year's eve resolutions . . . ever. They don't work. I think we do these things to make ourselves feel better, but then we end up feeling worse. What I do practice, however, is the ...

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    “Just Wing It”—My Word for the New Year
  • Peppermint Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    One of my all time favorite cookies is the chocolate crinkle cookie. I can remember, as a kid, always trading for the chocolate crinkle cookies at lunch time, because they weren't a cookie that my mom ...

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    Peppermint Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
  • Homemade Chai Tea Mix

    Nothing says "winter" more than a good chai tea. There are so many different recipes for chai tea floating around in the world. Depending on your culture, heritage, or taste preferences, chai tea made ...

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    Homemade Chai Tea Mix
  • Naturally Treating Frostbite in Chickens

    Frostbite is an extremely common issue when it comes to winter time issues with your chicken flock. Your chickens might suffer from frostbite on their combs and wattles, while your neighbor's chickens ...

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    Naturally Treating Frostbite in Chickens
  • How to Make White Pumpkin Pie

    Every year we go to a local pumpkin patch up the road from our house. Each year, this sweet old man tells us about his pumpkins, and how to make pumpkin pie. He tells us about how the deer ate half of ...

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    How to Make White Pumpkin Pie

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How to Make An Herbal Salve

Herbal salves use to intimidate the bejeezus out of me. But when I started making them, I wondered what on earth took me so long to take this next step into herbalism. Salves are extremely easy to make, and equally as beneficial to the homesteading herbalist’s medicine cabinet. Let me show you just how easy it is…. We make herbal…

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She Intimidates Me…

  It was probably the fourth time in the last year that I’ve heard the phrase—by four different women. Man, what did I do to deserve this? Of course, we could laugh it off now, but as she told me how much I use to intimidate her, I’ll admit, I felt a bit of offense. Me? Intimidating? There’s always that chance…

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Why I Don’t Use the Folk Method For Making Tinctures

Out of all the things I teach people when it comes to herbalism, this is the one thing that I teach the most. Some days I get a stank eye and get told I have no idea what I’m talking about. Other days, I see the light bulb come on, and it makes complete and total sense. And, honestly, why…

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Spicy Eggs, Bacon and Kale

Our chickens lay consistently throughout the Spring and Summer. I am so happy to have those glorious dark yellow/orange yolks back in our lives again each and every Spring. I’ll admit, I’m a pretty simple soul when it comes to eggs. Give me a little seasoning and hot sauce and I’m good to go. But sometimes I’ll get a little…

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Weekly Devotion | Words & Passions

We are quick to use our words when we are annoyed, disappointed, and angered. We also use our words worse when we’ve lost our passion or lack goals. In today’s devotional, we’re going to talk about all of that! From homemaking, work, and friendships…finding your passion in Christ is the best answer! Watch today’s devotional …

Don’t Leave Your Family Behind…

I love gardening. I love my chickens and the warm egg in my pocket on a crisp fall day. I love picking tomatoes off of a dew dripping vine. I love the process of adding new and exciting animals to our homestead, hopefully soon to include a dairy cow. All in good time. We’ll see. My brain goes 100 mph…

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The Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For

When I was in high school I had multiple research papers and book reports that were due. They were normally the most in depth and horrid thing for a teenager, but I absolutely loved them. Back then, you wrote your book report with a pencil and paper. You’d erase your mistakes by hand, bringing your pencil up to your chin,…

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He Justifies Us

He justifies us. When we walk through struggles like divorce, loss of friendships, financial distress, death of a loved one, and more, we are often quick to ask “why me” or “why is this happening?” We are quick to justify ourselves, telling others how good we are, how things like these shouldn’t happen. But what does scripture say about it…

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Quick and Easy Prepper Backpack and Tools

We aren’t doom and gloom people. Let’s just start with that. However, we are smart and educated, and we know that at any time a natural disaster, government fall out, civil war, or nuclear warfare could happen. That’s just something that’s possible anywhere in the world. Therefore, we choose to be prepared to a certain extent, without being fearful. You won’t find…

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Homesteading; It Takes a Village

The new “self”-sufficiency movement has taken over the country and the world. From state to state, continent to continent, the word “self-sufficiency” and “homesteader” are now common terms that most people have heard at some point or another. The question, however, is often asked — What is a Homesteader? or What is the definition of self-sufficient?   When in reality,…

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8 Common Chicken Illnesses & How to Treat Them

  It happens to everyone at some point or another. You go and start your flock with a few chickens—everything in life is happy and grand. And then one day, you walk outside to a dead bird, a sick bird, or a “what the heck is wrong with it” bird. That’s when the death emotion sinks in and you think…

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The Lost Skill of Serving Your Family

Serving your family—it’s almost an uncommon term new days. My grandmother’s house is always clean, always busy serving her family. Even to this day, when she can’t get around much, it’s clean. She takes granddad’s plate to him, pours him an ice cold glass of milk, and then makes her plate. She was always in the kitchen. When she was…

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And Then, He Put Mud on My Eyes

Have I told you the time He put mud on my eyes? No? Let me tell you. For the past four weeks we’ve been dealing with sickness in our household. The first week it was a vicious stomach bug. Actually, the rest of the family got it two weeks before, but I came down with it the week before last….

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Herbal Remedies Aren’t God

I laid in bed with my palm pushing on the side of my head. This pain that would shoot down the side of my head, down my face, into my back and neck—it was absolutely, and definitely, one of the worst pains I had ever experienced in my entire life. I tried everything to make it go away. I tried…

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Homestead Homemaking Series

Homemaking isn’t something I often found joy in. In fact, you could say that I have lost my joy in homemaking. But there is greatness and beauty within it. On my journey to re-learning old skills and rekindling the joy of raising a family and loving my husband, I want to take you along for the journey. There are so…

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Starting a Medicinal Herb Garden

  When you begin your homesteading journey, you typically start because you want to become more self-sufficient. It often looks like getting a few chickens, maybe some goats. You then venture into dairy cows, beef herds, turkeys, large garden plots, canning and preserving, and other expeditious skill sets. But the one thing I most often find surprising is that many…

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Homemade Mennonite Yeast Rolls Recipe

I started my very first job when I was a teenager in high school. It wasn’t some elaborate thing that I wanted (and I definitely didn’t know how to cook mennonite yeast rolls). I had big plans in my head of what I wanted to be, and baking wasn’t it. But never-the-less, it was an income for me to spend frivolously….

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