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50+ Homesteading Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are upon us! And now that Thanksgiving has passed, we’re instantly thinking about Christmas. Many times it’s easy for us to buy for people, but what about our homesteading friends and family? I’m here to tell you, it’s pretty easy to buy for them too! I have a few items of my own on my list this year,…

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Thanksgiving On Our Homestead

My grandmother and Jr striking a pose! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. Mostly, because we get to eat lots of food and not feel guilty for it. If you feel guilty, stop it. Stop it right now. Thanksgiving is always very wishy washy for us. When we first got married, we tried to go to “everyone’s” house. And then,…

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All Natural Dryer Sheets | Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils

I feel most nostalgic during the fall and winter seasons. Holidays are so important to me, and some years it’s hard to find a balance between carrying out old traditions, and creating new ones of our own. Recently, though, I’ve been trying to find nostalgia in scents. The wood stove starts this for me every single year. The smell of…

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{Video} | Be Authentic

I recently discovered a well known author copied my web ad for my book, along with various other things on their website. In the modern world, we run into a lot of this. But it’s not just copy cats. In fact, I’d venture to say we deal more with comparison and insecurities, and that’s why these things happen in westernized…

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Hormone Imbalance, Essential Oils, & the PCOS Elephant in the Room

When I was trying to get pregnant with our son, I was part of an incredible online forum of women who were on the trying to conceive journey as well. You could say that it was really my first experience in interacting with other like minded women online…the basis of a community. A real online community. I can remember reading…

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Choosing to Be Thankful

Every year my social media outlets are flooded with statuses and photos each day of November, expressing why someone is thankful and what they are thankful for. It’s fun to scroll through and see happiness and gratitude—more so than normal. Some people talk about their spouse and children. Some people are thankful for their farm and animals. Other’s are thankful…

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White Pumpkin Pie

Every year we go to a local pumpkin patch up the road from our house. Each year, this sweet old man tells us about his pumpkins. Tells us about how the deer ate half of them again this year. He tells about the little pumpkins, the big pumpkins, the giant pumpkins, the gourds, the weather….but the best part? He tells…

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The Homestead Dog | Meet Delilah

I’ve always wanted a livestock guardian dog, but it also needed to be an incredible family dog that could be with us at all times. Unheard of, right? Everything I have read has continuously said LGDs must remain with the herd at all times. I thought a livestock guardian was outside of our near future, because honestly, we only live…

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He Grew Up Today…

He grew up today…. He pulled on his boots and walked right through my front door. He grew up today… He rarely says “mama” anymore—it’s mostly just “mom”. Unless he’s sick, sad, or really wants something. He grew up today… Maybe not in terms of years, or of adulthood. But today when he stepped through that front door all on…

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The Grief of Infertility

What you’re about to read are raw emotions from a night of pain, grief, tears, and heartache. These are some of the emotions that a woman struggling with infertility goes through. These are the thoughts she thinks. This is the grief she knows regularly. How do I know? Because that woman, is me… It’s  a constant grief. It doesn’t matter…

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Our Holistic Remedies Cabinet | Essential Oils and Herbs

I often say the very beginning of our homesteading journey happened when I began diving more and more into herbal remedies. Herbs have always been my passion along this journey, and more recently, I’ve added essential oils (EOs). While herbs will always be my first go-to, because they are in their most natural form, EOs are a close second, or…

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What is a Homestead and Homesteader? | And the unnecessary title wars

I was sitting with my grandmother a few weeks back, and because of the simple fact that we own small livestock, she is always asking how the chickens are…any new rabbit babies…how about the bear, is he back? I always chuckle, because it seems to be the first thing she brings up when I walk through the door. She’ll proceed…

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Homemade Chicken Tacos and Tortillas

As we continue our homestead journey, I find more and more that I’m able to dabble with different ingredients to create beautiful new meals for my family. This past week, I decided, very off the whim, to make some chicken tacos completely from scratch. In the below video, you’ll see the very quick process, and below that, you’ll find the…

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