The Homestead Herbalist Membership

A place of community, education, and truth, in the midst of the greatest era of health misinformation. Dive headfirst into evidence based herbalism, learn how to navigate current health events, and become confident in your herbal education.

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Herbalism: It Takes a Village

I can still remember feeling alone when I first started my herbal journey. I wished so badly I could just have a mentor who could speak to me with education, but not in words that flew over my head. Someone who could talk to me about current events, and help navigate the ins and outs of herbalism I did, eventually, find that person, and now, I get to be that person.
If you’re nodding your head, then this membership is for you.
The Homestead Herbalist membership is a community of like minded individuals on their journey to healthcare freedom. 
Better yet, if you’re looking for a BIBLICAL herbalism approach, you’ve come to the right place!

Here's What You Can Expect...

Herbalist Discussions

Where we sit down and talk about current health events, outbreaks, and things you need to know as an herbalist—LIVE! Some months we’ll have herbalist guests as well.

Herb Profiles

Dive more into individual herbs by learning about their actions, contraindications, history, and dosage, with a new herb profiles throughout the year.

Access to HH Courses

When courses are available, you get full access!

Herb Videos & Recipes

Learn more in-depth about herb profiles, or watch videos making herb protocols and recipes.

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