Redeeming our homes

There’s really no place like home for the holidays. But between a chaotic, unexpected year, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and the task of being a homemaker—life may seem like it needs a little redemption.

Join homemakers from across the world in this 9-week series as we redeem our homes, mindsets, and connection with our precious Savior through the holiday season. We’ll talk about homemaking and tidying the home, holiday decor without expectations, giving thanks in all circumstances, holiday traditions and food, a minimalist Christmas, planning the New Year, and so much more.

Starting November 2nd, join us each Monday on the Choosing Simple podcast for the series.

Each week we'll host a new episode with guests on the Choosing Simple podcast. Then, we'll have a candid discussion, challenges, and more in the Homestead Homemaking for Christian Women and Friends group on Facebook!


November 2: Intro to the Redeeming Your Home for the Holidays Series

November 9: A Tidy Home, A Tidy Heart (Taking Back Our Homes)

November 16: It's All About the Food! — Traditions, Tips, Recipes, and More [Guest: Melissa K. Norris of Pioneering Today]

November 23: Thanksgiving—A Grateful Heart—Being Thankful Through it All [Guest: Michelle Barringer of Farm Life Outfitters]

November 30: Christmas Without Chaos — Minimalist Christmas with a Large or Small Family [Guest: Jamerrill Stewart of Large Family Table]


December 7: Holiday Decor Without Expectations (Bringing the Outside In) [Guest: Lisa Bass of Farmhouse on Boone]

December 14: Choosing Joy in the Everyday (and Surprise) Mundane [Guest: Joy Perrett of Adventure Acres]

December 21: Christmas—A Redeemed Home in Christ: The Greatest Gift [Guest: Casey Dowell of the Deerly Woven Podcast]

December 28: Planning Your New Year—Word of the Year—Finding Rest

Starting November 2 through December 28

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