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Take a Tour of Our Farmhouse Kitchen {Video}

We took this drab kitchen and turned it into a fab farmhouse kitchen! Even though we live in a little rambler in the middle of a wooded subdivision, we brought the farmhouse right inside and livened the place up a bit. Since my entire theme for this home has always been “farmhouse”, it was natural for us to eventually float over to brighter colors and a more modern farmhouse look. We recently did this when we renovated our sitting room.

The kitchen was a horrible part of the home. It was ugly, dingy, straight out of the 1980s. But we quickly turned it into something that is inspiring and beautiful.

The Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware

We started by ripping out the old and dingy cabinets and replacing them with new white cabinets. We found the hardware online for a fraction of the cost that it would’ve been at our local big chain store. Overall, we saved $161 just finding the hardware for the cabinets online! It was a steal. I love the white cabinets and how much they brighten up the small kitchen. And the cabinet hardware really brings a sense of classic farmhouse charm with a modern twist.

The Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

The faucet we chose was a no-brainer. It was non-negotiable. I wanted this faucet, and I was going to get it! It is so convenient when fill up pots, a water bath canner, or just cleaning the sink out. It truly brings that touch of farmhouse charm to the kitchen, and it’s efficient too!

butcher block counters

The Farmhouse Kitchen Butcher Block Counter Tops

We went back and forth on formica or butcher block counter tops, and eventually decided on butcher block. We love our butcher block counter tops, though it does come with some maintenance, which you can learn all about butcher block here.

farmhouse pantry barn door

Overall, we’re so pleased with our farmhouse kitchen. Watch the video below to see the rest of the kitchen, including the sliding barn door, flooring, and more!


Take a Tour of Our Kitchen!

Homestead Fixer-Upper | Small Farmhouse Style Living Room

We set out on a journey to buy our first home in 2008, two years after we got married. We were ambitious little things, but we knew that the only home we could afford would be a “fixer upper”. The housing market had almost completely bottomed out, and almost every single house we put a contract on was snatched up right before we could get to it, or shortly thereafter. But in March of 2008, we bought our very first home. A quaint little rambler nestled in a wooded subdivision on a steep hillside. At the bottom of the hill, back in the woods, sets a little creek that runs through and hosts minnow catching children all summer long.

Back then I had no idea what I wanted our fixer upper to look like or be like. I was young, had never had to think about home decor, and wasn’t even a great housewife. Back then, the thought of a farmhouse style home didn’t really make much sense to me. But I also didn’t know that we would soon have chickens in the backyard and various other farm animals running around.

We’ve put a lot of sweat and muscle into our little home since 2008, and today I want to share with you one of our most recent projects that we’ve just about completed—our farmhouse style living room. Now, it’s  not quite a living room anymore, but it’s definitely a wonderful sitting room. It’s small and quaint, and finally, I’m in love with it!

Before I go any further, these pillows above. My goodness, how I love them. I love all things from The Rustic Mod home decor! They have the best items for farmhouse decor, too.

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