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Several months ago I purchased a Child Training Bible kit. I had seen the kits over the past year all over facebook and the internet, and I kept saying “I want this kit!!”. I knew it would be the perfect addition to our family. I kept putting it off and putting it off, and finally, I remembered to purchase it one evening, and to my delight it was a “buy one get one free” day!! Yay!! So, I decided to share the love and give the extra one away on my blog the following week 😉 That was my very first giveaway!
If you’ve never heard of the Child Training Bible (CTB), it is a wonderful tool that every household (in my opinion) should think about having! The charts fit perfectly in your Bible and the visual index is color coded to tabs and highlighted scriptures in your Bible. The charts include over 200 scripture references, heart and gospel questions, and sample prayers.


With 2013 now here, I’ve decided to blog a little more and organize my time a little better. Putting the Child Training Bible kit together (or completing it, actually) is on the TOP of my ‘to-do’ list. We have our scriptures highlighted and our charts in place, but I haven’t had a chance to get the tabs yet, therefore, I have no completed photo of our CTB 🙁 So sad. Staples did not have them this weekend!! So my plans were no beuno this weekend (it would be best to order them online when you order your kit, they are hard to find around my area for some reason — the value pack).
We are using a hard back Life Application Study Bible. I chose a hard back because I wanted something that will protect the charts better and will be better “taken care of”. I feel like we don’t necessarily take care of our soft back Bibles as much as we do our hard ones (ex: bending the binding/spine, pages, etc). And soft backs wear down much more quickly than hard backs, especially if it is being used often 😉
In the meantime, we are making due, and it STILL works just as good!! Though, I am definitely looking forward to getting those tabs. My son is 3 years old (he’ll be 4 in August), and he’s certainly starting to understand scriptures (and is good at memorizing them too!). I held off for the first couple of months on putting the CTB together because I was just starting to get into the routine of being a work at home mom. With working basically full time from home, being a wife, mom and homemaker….putting together the CTB wasn’t a top priority, unfortunately.  But I was so happy when I finally finished the chart placement and highlighting (you can also use colored pencils). It makes it so much easier to just flip to the book of the bible, the chapter, and then instantly see the highlighted scripture matched with the colors on the chart. I don’t have to fiddle through the Bible and make him sit there for 10 mins while waiting for me to find it…by then he’ll have forgotten what he was even dealing with! Not saying much for momma either *blush*
The prayer side of the chart is excellent as well. It helps teach my child to apply and pray for what he just learned in God’s word and to encourage him in those difficult times. It helps him identify with his issue and to learn to always bring his issues to our Savior, no matter how big or small — be it jealousy, anger, stealing, or relationships. As he gets older, this will also allow him to grab the CTB even if I’m not available at the time, read through the scriptures on his own and pray on his own.
As he gets older, I know it will be even more helpful. And not only is it helpful for him now and in the future, but it is also helpful for us, the adults. How often do we say “where is that scripture?” or “I could really use a word from God right now on this situation”. It’s all there, right at your finger tips. It helps keep ME accountable when striving to be that everyday “witness” to my child. I’m reminded of the way that we are teaching him to live and react, and that we are the ones teaching it to him. So while we are teachers, we must also be examples. The CTB helps keep me accountable, when I feel angry or overly tired…I can look at it laying on the shelf and be reminded that, while my emotions are real and sometimes raw, I have a little one who needs my direction more than my selfish needs and over reactive emotions. I am a living witness to him daily, so I must act the way that I teach! Children are more influenced by the way you act and react, and I want to be the best influence and Christ like mother that I can be. The CTB makes it just a little easier for me 🙂
I plan on writing a more thorough review once we get our tabs in place and once our little one grows older. Right now we deal with emotions such as anger, lying, not listening and scriptures about the gospel, but I know that as he gets older, we’ll need to address much more than that, and I know I will be SO thankful that this amazing tool is available!! I urge all of you to check out the Child Training Bible and give it a try! The CTB is also perfect for homeschooling groups, moms groups, Sunday school classes, and other church groups.
I will be giving away one chart set in Monday’s giveaway (along with so many other things!), so be sure to check back and enter!

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