30+ Things To Buy Your Homesteader For Christmas

Homesteaders are not hard to buy for, and yet complicated all at the same time. People don’t think about buying overalls or beard oil for fellas, and they definitely don’t think a woman wants a membership to a gardening company.

Have no fear — whether you’re a homesteader or love a homesteader, I’m here to help. Here are some of the must haves that homesteaders are always in need of. And some of them may not even realize they need them in their lives just yet. Tried, tested, and true…here are our favorite things!







We’ve had the boot conversation on our homestead page before. A lot of homesteaders say they don’t pay the big bucks for work boots because they don’t have the money. But we have found that when you find a good brand, you stick with it, and you pay for it. Our local co-op has a warranty on their boots, therefore making $125 to $165 not seem so bad. With that said, Mountain Man can work out some boots. It is his livelihood. He is in the dirt and muck all day everyday. He is an electrician, property maintenance manager, and HVAC technician. These are the boots that he has tested for years, and the boots he constantly continues to go back to.

The boots above are currently his boot of choice in the Summer months and as a “wear out” boot.
These are Ariat Men’s Workhog pull on boots.

Other boots he enjoys.

Irish Setter Work Boots (by Red Wing)
Red Wing Logger Boot (Made in the USA)




I don’t know where I would be without my Slogger boots (affiliate link). I searched high and low for a boot that would last in the mud for longer than 4 months. I cannot tell you the countless amount of times I had to trek to the co-op or local Tractor Supply for a pair of boots.
I thought I’d invest into another well known brand one day. Years and years ago, this particular “well known brand” was made in the USA and it also came with a warranty in the box. Nope, not this time. I marched right back to my local farm store and returned them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Slogger boots, more than 75% cheaper than the other boots, were made in the USA and they’ve held up nicely! I’m happy I returned the others and bought these!
Other brands of boots I have tested 
and thoroughly enjoy:

Ariat Work Boots
Ariat Western Boots
Nocona Western Boots



These come in different colors and sizes. Mountain Man loves his, and especially loves the zippers and buttons up the side of the legs and waist. These are great for hunting and work around the homestead. They are a must have in the Winter months. These bibs also come in un-lined. 


Duh….did you think they were just for men!? I love my Carhartt overalls in the Winter time. They are a must. Otherwise, I’d freeze my tail off! And, yes, I do wear my PJs under them!

I also enjoy:


I have spent years trying to find a vest that would actually fit me without being too baggy — one that I could zip up the front without feeling like I’m an over-sized marshmallow. Well, my search finally ended this year, and I cannot praise this Carhartt vest anymore than I already have. This is a must have for any woman’s closet! And it does come in different colors, but I have the black.


I could really wear absolutely anything from Field & Stream; though I’m currently in love with their flannel shirts. They are really spectacular for the homestead, and for wearing out as well.



YakTrax Socks
These are the most comfortable socks you will ever find when it comes to winter wear. I swear by them. The best! They are currently BOGO at Dick’s Sporting Goods.





….because every single homesteader loves collecting new and amazing seeds tailored specifically to their region!!


Learn Herbs As Food And As Medicine in the Online Herbal Course

This would be the perfect gift for any herbalist or homesteader wanting to learn more about herbs. There are some incredible resources on this website through these courses!


…because we could ALWAYS use them!




Some of our favorites:

Mother Earth News
The Piedmont Virginian
Garden & Gun
Field & Stream
Organic Life
Outdoor Life
Herb Quarterly
Country Living



Some of our favorites:

Fresh Eggs Daily
Duck Eggs Daily
The Small Scale Poultry Flock
Beyond The Pellet (for rabbits)
Country Wisdom & Know How
The Nourished Kitchen
Nourishing Traditions
The Nourishing Traditions of Baby & Child Care
Herbal Antibiotics



My friend Casey, over at Wayland Brook Creations, is an amazing crocheter. I used to be able to whip these out often, but my wrists tend to give me problems now. She is my go-to girl for all things crochet now!



…every good homesteader needs photos of their family with their chickens!!
Find a local photographer, or view my website for more information:  www.amyfewell.com









Use code FEWELLHATCH for an additional discount!!


Wherever Mountain Man is, there also is his drill set. It is constantly attached to his hip!


…because I need to build rabbit hutches…c’mon!



You wouldn’t think spending this much on a cooler is very efficient. But let me assure you—if you’re out on the water in 100 degree temps, or if you’ve spent a day hunting and need a place to store your kill, this is the cooler to get!

There are, of course, about a bajillion other things I could put on this list—but these are some of the basics we have really enjoyed or have wanted this past year (or few years). Either way, I’m sure your homesteader will love you no matter what you buy for them. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!!


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