{Garden Project 2015}…when things go right.


I was whining just a couple of weeks ago about how things never go right. Sure enough, when you plan something on your homestead, the exact opposite happens. A quick run down — we had big plans for a large garden this year, 6-8 large raised beds to be exact. But we realized that our septic field is in the backyard, right where the beds would be, and it cannot constantly be saturated by the watering of plants. Therefore, our entire plan was scratched.
We thought for sure that we would just do some container gardening this year — tomatoes, peppers, and carrots — and hope for a garden next year. We would utilize our local farmers market again….a lot. I was bummed and completely unmotivated to start planting seedlings for containers.
However, when push comes to shove, sometimes, you just can’t give up.
Which brings me to this year’s new gardening plan. While it’s much more small scale, it still allows me to can some of the things that I was really looking forward to canning this year.




Husband has decided that we have enough room in-between our front walkway and our large shed where we can place 2 large raised beds. They will be 8ft wide and 4 foot in depth. These raised beds will house vegetables such as beets, green beans, corn, lettuce, carrots and some herbs.

Beside our shed, we can place several containers for gardening, such as our tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables that grow up, instead of down or around. We’ll also section off a place for our cucumbers and watermelon. This is our first year planting watermelon here. We planted melons often when I was a kid, and they were delicious! JR is excited about the watermelon possibility. He picked them out last year but we were unable to get the seeds into the ground in time.

I’m extremely excited about this possibility, because it will allow most of our fresh produce to come right from our yard, but we will still visit the market often.

We were throwing around ideas about Winter gardening the other day, and have considered turning our very over-sized chicken coop into a green house, and building a smaller chicken coop now that we have less chickens (and it will remain that way). It is something we might consider this fall, depending upon whether we are actively still searching for a new property or not. If we decide to do so, that will be a very fun project!!

We will begin planting our seeds this week, and into the ground they will go in the coming weeks. JR can’t wait, and neither can I!

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